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Projects: Overview

In order to approach SES in a truly interdisciplinary manner, the sub-projects of our research unit focus on spatially explicit SES in Kenya and South Africa. The research unit starts out with the assumption that not the SES as such are necessarily comparable (or that such comparison leads to theory building) but that there are a number of comparable processes taking place. Due to our specific interest in complex coupled social-ecological systems, rapid change within such systems, resilience and reorganisation, we singled out, savannah SES as the most appropriate setting for our studies. The following criteria were relevant in the decision making process for specific areas:

  • the site had to be located in a savannah agro-ecosystem, possibly with wetlands embedded within     them
  • the presence of rapid changes within these SES
  • the availability of and accessibility to long-term data
  • regional experience of applying researchers and/or
  • close cooperation with local and non-local research projects in the region.